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Tooting my own horn about my rhintax!!!

Readers digest version
I am just blowing my own horn, and boasting of my renewed love for the rhino and the rotax.

All I can say is each time I go to the dunes I am only more impressed with the rotax. Especially this weekend. For some reason she was running really well, I put on the 09 intake reprogrammed, and for some reason it felt more alive…..not to say the 686 720’s and all the other big bore kits are not fun. I was hard on my machine this weekend, I went down for just one day, and went with some neighbors, ( I tried to find ya mush even stopped by) I was the only rhino in the group and they were making fun of me as I unloaded her off the trailer (by the way no trailer queen here still had mud on the sides). Every one was ready to go so I topped and checked all the fluids. And we were off, now there are no v-8 buggies in the group all long travel turboed acura and ecotech’s. I kept up pretty good with them, I didn’t have to change my line to drastically, carried more speed through to the next dune, I thought they were taking it easy on me. After about 45 min they all pulled over to chit chat and they all walked over and asked what was in the rhino, (only one knew of the engine swap) and they were all surprised that I was going as fast as I was. We rode for about another hour and a half. And hard the whole time…. I thought they guys in the buggies were taking it easy on me, and one offered to take me in his for the next trip so I took him up on it and let one of my really good friends that I trust, take my rhino to follow. And I was surprised at how fast we were going and the rhino was pretty much right there, and he wasn’t skimping to much on the lines even the left hand side of comp hill, on the back side he had to short cut a little to catch us. But I was so well pleased with my rhino, she now officially needs a new belt, but after 6 brutal hours of riding with out a hiccup, and it is like this every time I go, I do my maintenance, change oils etc. but from last season to this season, no new motor, just gas and go. Now I know I am going to piss off some people and get allot of flame on this, but I would like to see a 686 720 or what other big bore kit keep up and be wide open nearly 2-3 hours strait. Then go back out again, for another 2 hour + ride. ( I did this about 8-10 times last year) to pull this off with no problems (and to burn less then 6 gallons of PUMP gas). I LOVE MY BIKE, and love it more each time I go out. I have put allot of time into since I have gotten it pulled the motor 3 times to finally get it in strait and allot of the problems ironed out, and corrected some problems that were there when I got the rhino. And I am still working on it, I have alligator dreams and a canary budget. (840 kit with 12.1 pistons and cams).

Now for all the guys calling bull- My rhino is all black with aircraft alum sides, and a small American flag for a whip, 2 seater no bed. I would love for some company next time. (No one would pull up to comp hill, I like to roll up past the whoops going up the hill fully stop then pin it down and go tot eh top with out having to s curve at all up the hill)

One last note any one doing a swap and looking for paddles or wanting to buy paddles, I started with a 6 cup went to a 7 cup now a 8 cup… I think a 9 cup will be just right for a 2 seater….
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