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Baja UTV Ride anyone???

OK this has been bugging me all day I haven't ridden Baja in a year at least, and I have never done it in a UTV. but now I have to

I just e-mailed for the phone numbers to Old Mill and a safe hotel in Esenada. There are a couple so we are fine there.

We would have to roll into the hotel in Ensenada a Thursday evening, time is not important.

We would depart Ensenada around 5 or 6 am and ride the streets for 27 miles to the turn off to the Pacific Ocean following several Baja 1000 courses. You guys will recognize it.

Its probably 12 Miles on the dirt roads to the Ocean, famous downhill most will go around.

Then we head south on Beach and cliffs for about 90 miles, gas stop etc..

quick lunch at Pirate Bar, you guys will see the ship split in half and all kinds of cool stuff on this ride. We will roll into Old Mill probably after dark, possible more street driving to get to the hotel, and next store the Fish Food restaurant and Margareta's.

Total distance for the day should be under 200 miles, if we make it there before midnight and the restaurant is not closed it will be a fucking miracle.

And the next day we all turn around and ride back no problem right?

The ride home is different, we don't care what time we get in, and most will race and break shit. so it should be fun.

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