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fcr 41

Originally Posted by max powers View Post
I'll save you a major headache

when I first got my rhino, I tried every combo to get power, including the edelcrock.
take a look around and see who's running them..... anyone? beuller?

knowone uses them because they suck giant dodo.
the proshop told me to throw it away, I said, but it's a edelcrock and I just paid $300 for it. Well, they were right. You can't get the damn thing dialed in.
I read 1 guy said after a year of adjusting, it was running pretty good, a year of adjusting?? come on.
But really, think about it.
edelcrok is 40 mil
stock is 42

how do you get better by going smaller???
You can get better by going smaller, but that would be the FCR 41 not the edelbrock.

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