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Here is an example of day 2 Written by Cameron Steele

El Rosario to Bay of LA 306 miles

1 week from today many of you will embark on the toughest day of motorcycle riding you have ever faced.

It is 630am and it is just bright enough to ride without lights. We are leaving at this time in one week.

Wake up 530am
Feel those muscles from 200 mile first day
Eat 6am
Depart 620am East on Baja Hwy 1 six miles to bridge over wash
Exit left though farm fields to 2007 Baja 1000 course race mile 306
Take race course through desolate valleys and over mountains
Rock hill climbs and tires testing will ensue
Proceed to race mile 370 at Gyaquill on Hwy 1 (praise chase truck drivers)
Day mile 71
Depart west from Hwy to Pacific ocean (I have not seen this in 5 years)
Hope that 2nd chase truck has made it to a place we can find it 30 miles in
Thank Payne for being there and saving you from carrying 2 gallons of gas on 130 mile leg
Day Mile 100ish
Head off down the Pacific Ocean – beautiful and confusing valleys and points
Wonder where you are at Day mile 165
Turn into former silt beds by heading east from the ocean
Hills with silt
Chapalla at Hwy 1 day mile 205 (kiss chase truck driver)
Stare at trailer knowing the whipping is about to continue
Cross Hwy 1 to west and head for CoCos Corner day mile 220
Head through the whoops to Calamuje Wash a.k.a. Frog Canyon (wet year round) Day mile 240
El Crucero next to Hwy 1 see chase truck and make the decision
South through whoops (Larry’s favorite section)
Pass old mining ruins day mile 265
HUGE sand whoops (Bruce is the man) Day mile 270
See everyone at LA Bay Hwy and know how stoked you are you didn’t bitch out
30 miles east on pavement (hopefully in the day light) my guess is 840pm
Mile 306 Bay of LA
Get fuel at Pamex
Drink beer
Unload bags
Prep bike for 240 miles the next day
Wake up at 530 for beautiful sunrise
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