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Originally Posted by Hapa View Post
Do you have any info on that kind of policy? or mabe a link? i would like to check that out.

We always make sure some one has the cash to fly guys out, but I like your idea better.

If you have info post it up at RD and see what Pab says about it?
MedjetAssist | Medical Evacuation from Anywhere in the World to your Hospital of Choice

One thing to consider is this isn't first responder evacuation. This is stuck in a thrid world hospital and you want to get back tp US for good treatment.

Read this story about a guy that had a Southern trip planned.

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Originally Posted by OZYMANDIAS
When I got to the hospital in Mexico, I asked them to go on the internet for the number to my Med Jet Assist insurance, to provide me with medical transport back home. The hospital did not have internet. I asked them to make a phone call but they wouldn’t let me unless I gave them money to go buy a phone card. I gave the guy the about $40 US in pesos I had in my pocket, he took forever to get the card, and I was finally able to contact my mother for about a five minute call. When I asked to make another call, the man refused until I gave him more money, so I directed him to a $100 US bill I had hidden in my wallet. This bought me about another five minutes to Med Jet Assist. After that, I wasn’t allowed any more calls, and was generally ignored. Simple requests were refused for no apparent reason, and I would sometimes spend long periods saying, “Por favor?” while lying on my back in the hall, until one of the many hospital staff around would decide to stop ignoring me for a moment. I want you all to know about this, because if I hadn’t had that insurance, something even more horrible may have happened to me.
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