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  1. Yamaha Rhino General Discussions
    Any body have a stock exhaust that would fit a 2004 660 rhino. I have an HMF on it now, it is a bit much for every day use on the farm. Love to hear it roar in the mud though. I have checked all my local dealers and can't find one. Any help would be awesome.
  2. Yamaha Rhino General Discussions
    Hi All, I am new to rhinotalk. I have an 07 Rhino 660 with Dnyatek CDI, Dnyatek Coil. Other than that it is pretty much stock. I recently purchased a Muzzy Dual Exhaust System and Jet Kit that I will be installing. I need some advice. I am going to the desert this weekend and will not have time...
  3. Yamaha Rhino General Discussions
    I have a stock 05 rhino which has a bad exhaust rattle. What i have found is that the header makes contact with the top of the rear diff. I have tried tightening the exhaust nuts in different way to lift the header of the rear diff. The problem then be comes an exhaust leak or I lose the...
  4. Yamaha Rhino Performance Discussions
    Ok, I am sure everyone is familiar with those retaining springs that are put on the pipes when you install an exhaust...am I crazy or is there a tool to assist with this? You know what I am referring to? It is the spring that holds one section of pipe to another. Thanks in advance!
1-4 of 4 Results