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  1. Other UTV Discussions
    Thought I would share with those of your who do not subscribe to UTV Off-Road Magazine the article on our build. Unfortunately we had some overheating issues that day which caused problems, which upsets me quite a bit! Battle of the Teryx builds We want to once again thank all of our...
  2. Yamaha Rhino Exterior Discussions
    If you are looking to replace your factory Rhino plastics, now is the time to! From now until December 12th members are entitled to 20% off using the code 'Christmas 2008' You can visit the Maier website at Maier USA
  3. Other UTV Discussions
    Just thought I would show everyone the carbon fiber intake cover we received today...really nice looking piece, what do you all think? This part is done by Tribal Carbon Fiber for the Teryx, however, from talking with them, they do all sorts of parts.
  4. Other UTV Discussions
    So I got the power steering unit installed in the Teryx today...took quite a few f-bombs, but I finished it. Could not believe the difference that it made, it is seriously like driving a car...very little effort to turn, I cannot wait to try it out in the desert and dunes!
  5. Other UTV Discussions
    Just dropped off the body panels, etc to our artist to start on the airbrushing...if anyone needs custom airbrushing on their plastics, I insist you check out airtite navigation page his designs and artwork are insane, I could not imagine actually having a percentage of his talent. Anyone, just...
  6. Other UTV Discussions
    Got the last of my go fast parts in today for my Teryx! :good:
  7. Other UTV Discussions
    Just wanted to let everyone here know that we are giving away a Dalton Industries Clutch Kit and Dalton Industries Billet Clutch Cover for the Kawasaki Teryx. The following link has more information: TeryxHQ.com Contest For August 2008 - TeryxHQ.com Forums - Your Kawasaki Teryx Headquarters
  8. Other UTV Discussions
    Good afternoon everyone, well I wanted to show one last update to the build before we release the completed project, afterall, we cannot release all our secrets ;) Things are really starting to come along nicely and I cannot tell you how stoked I am to get this completed. ALl our contributors...
  9. Western Region
    So who is going to be the volunteer to assist me on my first dune trip with the Teryx when it is complete? Assuming I have never driven a sxs in the dunes, I would really like to not kill myself or destroy the machine the first time out. So who is the dune teacher going to be?
  10. Southwest Region
    Just thought I would share a few pictures from the 1 Aug 2008 Friday Night Rhinos at Duners Pizza. The event was a good turnout. I think it all around 100 side x sides showed. I had the Teryx there (you can see it in the picture), along with the Team Kawasaki Teryx that FST built. Mr...
1-10 of 10 Results