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  1. Yamaha Rhino's & Rhino Parts For Sale
    Post'em up for a friend... 25X10X12 Front Buffs with less than one trip on them.... basically new. He is asking $150. Paid $220 new. They are located in Norwalk, CA. There are a few of us that travel between AZ and Cali to the dunes, so delivery could possibly be arranged. PM me and I'll get...
  2. Yamaha Rhino's & Rhino Parts For Sale
    rims in perfect condition and tires are nearly new..very very good condition normal offset 2/5 and 5/2..have center caps and chromw nuts im in southern california 400 obo very nice set
  3. Yamaha Rhino Performance Discussions
    ok ..so im not rollin deep pockets like some of you..:mad: im tryin lol i have a set of 14 itp wheels and 27 tires..obv. tires too big. im wondering if in your infinite wisdoms..you would go with the 25 terra cross tires for 14s or 26 maxxis for 14s?? id like to keep these wheels but have a...
  4. Yamaha Rhino Suspension Discussions
    For those of you who frequest the dunes, what size wheels and sand tires are you running?
  5. Yamaha Rhino General Discussions
    I am curious to know what everyone runs in the sand.
  6. Yamaha Rhino's & Rhino Parts For Sale
    I have a set of stock take-off wheels and tires. they have 1 dune ride on them. they are in great shape with no dings or scuffs on the wheels. I don't know what to ask for them. I was thinking $200 + shipping. Too much? Not enough? Let me know and I'll edit. They are located in Indiana, but I'm...
1-6 of 6 Results