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2 Suzuki's for sale

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'06 RMZ 450 ----- $3650obo
'03 RM 125------- $2050obo

I know this thread is worthless without pics but I'm posting these up for my cousin, he needs cash asap. He was in an accident earlier this month and has been in ICU for about 2 weeks and just got out. (shattered his left leg and cut the artery feeding blood to it).

Anyway I'm going out to his house next week to take pictures of the bikes and get a parts list together for each of the bike. I will update the post as soon as I get them.

If you are interested make offers. He is going to have some serious bills coming here soon.

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damn that suks Travis....good luck with helping him sell!

Best of luck with the sale...
Yep good luck with the sale, I wil spread the word to my friends. hope he getts better
Hey Craigslist for sure they will go fast

Here are the pics for the bikes.

The RM 125 is in PERFECT shape! Hardly has any boot rub on the frame. Only mod is FMF silencer/spark arrestor and bars.

The RMZ 450 is the one he wrecked on. I looked it over best I could. The only thing I think is wrong are the bars and radiator. The bars might not even be bent but I can't tell because the forks are twisted in the clamps. The radiator doesn't leak but it is bentdown.

Both Bikes run perfect just the 450 has cosmetic damage. He is willing to deal but hopeing to get as much as possible (obviously) to recoupe bill money.

His home number is 661-253-1682. Ask for Jeff. If he doesn't answer leave a message, he may be sleeping.



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Bump for a busted cousin!
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