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2008 450 Reverse Rev Limiter Sensor location

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I've seen a number of posts regarding the reverse rev limiter sensor or a corroded connection causing issues with cutting out when running above half throttle and causing the reverse light to blink when revving in neutral.
Looks like most of the posts are for 660 models and showing it under the air box. Mine is a 450 but

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I have the same issues noted. Replaced the fuel pump, lines, filter, pulled and cleaned the fuel tank. Etc. Runs and starts great except for when on the pedal.
Does the 450 have this sensor and is it number 15 on the attached?
I've heard you can disconnect and ground to the motor for testing but that the reverse light won't work and that you can go full speed in reverse.
Thanks for the help.
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Hi, I am having similar issues also with a 450 where it will start and idle fine but any acceleration will stall. Was this question ever answered? I would like to try but don't want to mess something up. TIA
I bypassed my reverse switch yesterday.
I can now run at full throttle without it choking but it still cuts out at times.
I ordered a new OEM Mikuni carb last night.
Kind of feeling like I'm just throwing money at it now.
I bought this thing in July from work pretty cheap.
I've replaced all the fuel lines, filter, pump, vacuum lines, pulled and cleaned the tank, etc.
I'll keep you posted.
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