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New here to RhinoTalk and have a question about my rhino.
The check engine light came on and the dash shows code 15. Throttle Position Sensor. I unplugged it and tested it...not sure if I tested it right though.
I just ended up getting a new sensor. Plugged that in and still getting the code 15. In diagnostic mode, I get no reading for the TPS, should show 15-20 at closed and 90-100 at full...mine displays 0.
Also, when I go to d62 in Diag mode...it shows 1, meaning 1 code, then at d61 it shows 00, meaning no code history, so it won't let me reset the check engine light.
There is a dynatek ignition but other than that the motor is bone stock.
It drives fine, but it worries me about the check engine light. I also tried to adjust the TPS, and still got no reading.
Any thoughts?

I appreciate any help.



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