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best record in baseball!!!!!!!!!!!

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hell yeah, Anaheim Angels sweep the f'n red sox, best record in all of baseball, k-rod fastest to 40 saves in mlb history!!! im feeling like this could be another magic year like 2002... see you guys at the world series!!!!:yahoo::clap: GO HALOS
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blah blah blah.......Baseball sucks these days!

Its all about the Chargers!!!!

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i would be hatin too if i was a madre fan!!! lol
Watch out for my cubbies this year.

And Effe the Chargers! LOL

Chargers = Super Bowl!
LT baby!!!!!
We should be going to more Angel games. My kids love it.
Just paid for my season tix to the Bolts baby!!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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