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Carb Slide

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While checking my fuel issue. I pulled the slide out and sprayed it with carb cleaner. Noticed my hand had a residue on it. Does the slide have a graphite coating on it? Did I screw it up or can I reapply graphite to it? Thanks!
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graphite on a slide, never heard of that....all i know is they need to be clean
Residue is probably from the slide contacting the aluminum. Overtime the slide is effectivly polishing the bore and will build up some of the residue from the aluminum, which is likely what you saw when you cleaned it.
No there should be no graphite or other lube needed to get the slide to move freely in the bore of the carburetor, you didn't screw anything up.. :good:
Thanks everyone.
Hey Prowrench glad to see over here. Welcome!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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