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Hello from Ohio!

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I was referred here by Trooper522. Looks pretty cool so far.

I have an '06 SE that I bought as a pit vehicle for my sand drag cars. But it's way too fun to use as a golf cart. So now I'm addicted. I love all the cool stuff from the west coast but it's way too expensive to get here to Ohio!!! It was $200 just to get my PRP's here. :( My next mod is a 4 seater cage so I can finally get the 42" PRP bench out of the box and my kids have a place to sit.

We don't have too many friends with Rhinos so I ride with much bigger vehicles and surpisingly hold our own.

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Whats up brother !....Glad you finally made it over, This place is rocken..:clap:
Hey there, great to have you with us! :wave:

Now we have a contact to get us Skyline Chili!! ;)
Now we have a contact to get us Skyline Chili!! ;)
That's funny. I grew up near Cincinnati. It's good stuff but I honestly haven't been there in years.

And yes, unfortunately I do a lot of mud riding. Since we race most of the summer, we only get to play in the Rhino through the winter and there's a lot of mud where we ride. Those pictures were taken between Christmas and New Years and it was a mess.
Looks Like your more than ready For the Mud Welcome
Looks Like your more than ready For the Mud Welcome
I see your from Indiana. Where do you ride? I ride mostly in Indiana at Haspin Acres.
Local trails & West Virgina also We go to the Badlands In attica we have talked about going to Haspen also
any friend of troops is a friend of mine, welcome
sandaltered, I live about an hour east of Cincinnati and have some acreage 30miles east of Portsmouth. Not too awful far from Marysville. It be great to find some folks to ride with. Have you been to Black Mountain in Evarts Kentucky? It's a fantastic place to ride and all types of vehicles are welcome. Your Jeep buddies can ride along with ATV's and SXS's.
Welcome to the site!
I lived in Cincinati and Chagren falls sp? and LAke Lacerne when I was a kid. Great place to grow up.

Dont forget the Big Red MAchine
Jonny Bench, Georeg Foster, Pete Rose, Sparky Anderson, Joe Morgan etc...
Wow, gone for the weekend and I come back to a bunch of welcomes. Sweet! I'm familiar with all the Cincinnati stuff. I grew up about 30 miles north of Cincy in Trenton (Middletown, Hamilton area). My job moved me up here to Marysville. I work for a Yamaha competitor that rhymes with Rhonda. Don't flame me because of that.

I'd definitely like to get together sometime with some local Rhino guys.

I haven't been to Evarts yet but would like to. That's the Harlan Co. place right? There's also a new place that opened in North TN that sounds pretty awesome. It's the Cumberland Safari Adventure. It's supposed to be thousands of acres and open to any type of vehicle. It's owned by a guy that used to be from Indiana and was a big off roader and off road racer. Sounds really cool.
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