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Here it is

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Well its not a dune machine. I use it more in the high desert and look forward to getting to Big Bear for some mountain riding. I just haven't been able to make the plunge on an LT kit and think I may just go with some WERs. Its sad to see how cheap some full race Rhinos are going for and I know I'll never get close to what I've already dumped into this thing... but its a blast still.


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Looks good to me my friend!! :good:
That thing is perfect for the mountain trails. Long travel will make it extremely difficult to get through a few of the trails up at Arrowhead and Big Bear.
these lil f'ers go anywhere. I just point it and go. Amazes me everytime
clean ride...what is trails/rock crawling like in these toys?
Come with us up to Arrowhead and we'll do the "Ballbuster trail" and you'll be amazed at what these rhinos can make it up. I know, long way from Illinois. You guys have mountains out there?
mountains heck no...cornfields is about it. i have a couple mx tracks i go to and thats it. kinda stinks cuz theres no place to go WOT. i'd prolly have about as much $ in gas driving out there as i do in my rhino. damn oil
With all that corn you should be able to convert your ride to E85?
With all that corn you should be able to convert your ride to E85?

ha good point
truth of the matter you dont save much...and ironically i dont even know where a station that sells e85 is
now if you wanna save coin you gotta convert to a greasiel...although it might be hard pickin up ladies when you smell like mickey D's:laugh:...unless you like them BIG
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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