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Hey ALL from Southern Illinois

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Just wanted to say hey to all the rhino fans. I am 39 married to a wonderful woman, have a 9 yr old daughter who is also my little helper in the shop. I enjoy riding with friends and family. We own a fab shop were we make custom parts for atv's and sxs. Look forward to chatting with you all and maybe getting to ride with some of you that are out my way. Pac
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Hey my friend, great to have you with us! :wave:
welcome :wave:

So. IL

Welcome, I too am from Southern IL. Currently staying out in Az.
Thanks for the welcome. If anyone has myspace and would like to add me , mine is myspace.com/4x4pac. If any of you get to the southern illinois area, give me a shot, we will do some riddin for sure.
I knew there was a reason I didnt welcome this asshole..........he is over on RF talkin a bunch of shit on California, wishing a big quake would take us all down.......as far as I am concerned 4x4DICK you can take your fucktard rhino and go somehwere else....you get no welcome from me unless I see an apology for you being such a dick for no reason aginst California residents.............

Everybody hates the West Coast players Joey, We have high housing prices, a state run by Liberal politicians and to much smog, to much traffic, and not enough close places to ride. And everybody is mad at us like we are doing something wrong or are mean people who planned it this way? :confused:
yeah fuck this guy! lol
This guy is strait up douche bag!!! He is going to have to take his shit welds somewhere else!

1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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