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Indiana Rhinos?

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Any Indiana Rhinos out there?
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Live about 40 miles west Of Fort Wayne Indiana:wave:
15 miles east of Indy. where do you ride? We hit the Badlands, Silver Lake Michigan, and we're getting ready for a Hatfield & McCoy West Virginia run next week.
I'm in central OH but spend most weekends in Indiana racing through the summer. We ride at Haspin Acres in the winter.
Haspin is cool, if you can stay out of the drunks' way. My cousin goes there a lot. He helps put on some of the races. Cody Gray. Know him?
Yep, it's kinda crazy but still a decent place. No, I don't know him. I don't race there. I race mostly in Brookville and Liberty, IN at the dirt drags. Actually heading to Liberty tomorrow evening.
I ride Local Trails been to the Bad Lands A couple Times Want to Try Haspin but Heard about All the Crazy Drunks Also Been on A couple of Poker runs In West Va also
I'm an hour east of Cincinnati, Ohio. Where are you located?
I'm about 15 miles east of Indianapolis. The thriving metropolis of McCordsville, IN
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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