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paddle tires,r1,rotax style paddles 4 sale

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got these for my triple powered rhino,but with the 08 and newer model outboard brakes they are toooo tight on the calipers, tires are $240 each and rims are $100 each,thats over $650 just for the rear wheels and tires new, these work on built rhinos but really good on converted motor setups from what I hear,only used twice at glamis,very good shape,not perfect,inside of rims have some light scratches,outsides are nice,no plugs etc,I'm going to have to buy 12" rims and tires to fit mine,my loss your gain,make offer,...714-883-6171,will ship...

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would you be interested in letting me try them out and possibly trading you with my 12's with 9 paddles if I like yours better?

sure, John at the proshop says he has a few customers who run this tire size on his hopp'ed up rhinos and the flotation characteristics are amazing compared to other tires he's tried...I can't remember your tires, I know I need this casing size because of its width from what the tires shop recommend for my setup with the turbo,I'd really just like to sell them so I can buy the bigger setup which will run about $750! Yikes...but you're welcome to try them out,cameron..
How much are you looking to get for the set?
How much are you looking to get for the set? I will be in your area tomorrow and wednesday. (909)906-4100
sold two months ago

sold them two months ago..

Wish I would have joined sooner!....story of my life. Thanks for the reply
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