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We have updated the site to the newest software version and there are likely some features many of you will not be familiar with.

We did want to take a moment to mention a few of the options that you may not be aware of as they are brand new.
  • Customizable User Profile: Its not MySpace, however, you do have the ability of editing the look of your user profile. By going into your UserCP, you will see a link on the left side titled ‘Customize Profile’ By clicking on that, you will be taken to an editor that will allow you to change colors, etc. At the very bottom of the editor is a guide that will show you your progress. If you wish to use images (gradients, background, etc. you will need to create an albumn and select Profile - Pictures used to modify your profile, then upload them in there. If you so choose to not see a member's customized profile, you can click on 'Hide Users Customizations' within their profile and it will revert back to default for you. This is handy if the member has chosen colors that make things hard to read.
  • Member Albums: You have the ability of building personal photo albums, these can include any images you want be it your machines, family, hobbies, etc. You can make these albums private or public. You will see in your UserCP on the left side a link titled ‘Pictures & Albums’
  • Social Groups: Want to creat your own group…maybe a ‘Glamis Riders’ group, this can be done from within your UserCP, the link is on the left as well and is titled ‘Social Groups’
  • Add Friends and Comments: When visiting other member’s profiles, you have the option of sending them a quick message or adding them as a friend.
If you every have questions about features or how something works, please never hesitate to use the contact us in the lower right of the site or either of the following forums:
  • Site Suggestions and Feedback
  • Contact The RhinoTalk.net Staff (The content in this forum is only viewable by TeryxHQ.com Staff and the member who starts that particular thread.)
So have some fun and make RhinoTalk.net your home…and if you can, pass the word along to other Yamaha Rhino owners.

Enjoy your day!

..::RhinoTalk.net Staff::..
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