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Rigid in

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Tat2max checking in.
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Welcome Rigid!

And thanks Diesel for the nice PM Welcome. Boy, talk about feeling right at home....

so when is our first organized RFans Trip?
Hey there, nice to have you with us! How things down at Rigid going, hows that new store front?
store is great

Store is rocking, cars being built, not complaining. I must say i like the site, quick work here Diesel.........all for Max, what a guy.

Smells kind of nice.

we do need the "Fokker out" section because i am going home to play with my kids.....

Fokker out, talk to you guys tomorrow.
hey Diesel

can you make my avatar bigger so people can read it.

thx man.
Sent you a PM :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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