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man i really like my prp hi backs.
good holding and actually seemed to ride a bit smoother also.

any other brands you guys like?
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I just installed some Twisted Stich lowbacks and rear bench with adjustable headrests...so far so good. I will put up some pics when I get home :)
i have the beard low backs, no complaints with them. My kid falls right to sleep in the rear so must be good
I have jet trim's.....but after sittin in the beard rhino seat....I think I need a set of those..I would just like to see them in a high back

yeah i have done 5-7 hours at a time and not get sore, but that might have been my hydration pac with rum and coke and regular saftey meetings that kept me from getting sore..
Those Jet Trims appear to be really nice seats!!!

My Twisted Stitch seats just got installed, so I cannot comment on anything yet except for the fact they look really nice.


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Im really happy with my Neri Style Seats. I got them with the head rest and man are they comfortable and look great too.
seems to be quite a few good brands...i always thought it was hype, but it makes a lot of difference. the stock ones are horrible after getting some quality ones.
I love my prp highbacks, really comfy. Get the seats that fit your particular body and riding style. Lots of good choices out there.
The bad thing for me is not being able to sit in before I buy. No stores in Louisiana.
I had PRP seats for years and no complaints, especially for the price, I have sat in Twisted stitch and BS sand, and They are both a little more plush IMO.

SPARCO........these seats rock! We put them in HRT's new Teryx and their Pro-Buggy. None of the suspenion sets hold you in place like these seats. A little spendy but well worth it. By the way, they are FIA certified and are also available in real carbon fiber.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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